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Spelt comes from a wheat-like plant whose seed somewhat resembles wheat but is a bit longer and more pointed. Just like hard red winter wheat, Spelt must be planted in the fall of the year, maturing the following summer.

Spelt contains 15 - 21% protein which is much higher than wheat. It's also higher than wheat in complex carbohydrates, iron, potassium & the B-Vitamins. Spelt is easier to digest than wheat products because of it's higher solubility in water. Spelt also contains nutrients that aid in blood clotting and also stimulate the immune system.

Due to Spelt's high water solubility and fragile gluten, the grain's vital substances can be absorbed quickly by the body with a minimum of digestive work. Spelt contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the body's immune system. It's high fiber content aids in reducing cholesterol and heart disease. Spelt has a lower gluten strength which makes it possible for many people with gluten allergies to eat this product. It's also nice to know that something as healthy as Spelt also has a great flavor. Spelt is just another example of what great nutrition should taste like.
KAMUT® brand khorasan

Government of Canada

KAMUT® is a Brand of khorasan wheat. Its about the same shape as a wheat seed but a KAMUT® brand khorasan kernel is more than twice as big. Even though KAMUT® brand khorasan is very closely related to wheat, many people who are wheat intolerant can eat KAMUT® brand khorasan with no problems. KAMUT® brand khorasan also has some pretty amazing nutritional strengths. And as an amazingly versatile grain, KAMUT® brand khorasan can be used in place of all the different wheats; the hard and soft varieties and also durum wheat.

KAMUT® brand khorasan is a high protein grain, generally containing 30% more protein than wheat. It's amino acid ratio is about the same as wheat so if you should happen to be eating nothing but KAMUT® brand khorasan, you may wish to add some peanut butter, legumes or some other food high in lysine to give you a little better amino acid blend. As this grain hasn't been altered by modern plant breeders, it retains it's ancient nutrition, flavor and goodness. Due to it's slightly higher fatty acid content, KAMUT® brand khorasan can be considered a high energy grain, and compared to wheat, KAMUT® brand khorasan also contains elevated levels of vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, pantothentic acid, copper and complex carbohydrates. All around, KAMUT® brand khorasan seems to be a very healthy grain. Because of it's larger seed size in comparison to wheat, there's less fiber in KAMUT® brand khorasan than wheat. So, depending on your needs, if you require a high fiber diet, perhaps Spelt would be a better alternative which has a higher fiber content than even wheat.

We think you'll appreciate the fine flavor of KAMUT® brand khorasan and after having once tried it, will look forward to baking with this new yet ancient grain as much as your family will enjoy eating it.

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