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MagNoodles were created by a Mom who wanted her children to eat more whole grains and vegetables.  Highly approved by kids and adults, it's a great tasting alternative to white pasta!! 
  • 100% certified organic grains blended for the best tasting whole grain pasta
  • Highest quality spelt, Kamut, whole grain durum and semolina grains grown in the pure mountains of Montana
  • High fiber, High protein, Vitamins A,B,C
  • No additives, enrichments, or enhancements.
  • Non-GMO, Eggless, Vegan Product
  • Certified Kosher
  • In Recyclable Paper Board Packaging
  • USA Product - Supporting the American Farmer since 2011
Aileen Magnotto, cancer survivor and creator of MagNoodles has donated 23,000 servings of MagNoodles to the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington DC. Aileen and PBS Celebrity Chef & Lifestyle Guru George Hirsch created a cooking demo to 40 kids on how to create healthy meals with MagNoodles Pasta and food bank ingredients. ~ September 27th, 2012
MagNoodles is featured in the June 2015 article called "Oodles of Noodles and How to Choose" on the Kosher Like Me blog. Click on the logo at left to read the article in its entirety.
MagNoodles is mentioned by name on the
New York Times website for use in a whole grain macaroni and cheese recipe!! Click on the logo at left to see the mention in the recipe article.
Aileen Magnotto stops by again to talk about MagNoodles and share some great recipes. Click the screen to begin play.
~ October, 2013
Aileen Magnotto stops by to talk about MagNoodles and how she came up with the idea. Click on the logo at left to view this video. ~ August 2nd, 2013
Creator of her own brand of organic pasta, Aileen Magnotto, talks about how she started MagNoodles and prepares a delicious Lemon Zest & Asparagus Penne for lemon week. Click on the logo at left to view the video from Live on Lakeside in Cleveland, OH.
Read the top story on Aileen Magnotto delivering 23,000 servings of her line of multi-grain, vegetable-based MagNoodles to kids in need!! Click on the logo at left to read the story.
Pittsburgh 360, interviews Aileen about her journey to develop her ideas about MagNoodles in a piece called La Pasta Bella! - The MagNoodle Story. Click the screen to begin play.

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