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MagNoodles Smart Pasta was artfully created in 1999 by Aileen Magnotto as a way to improve her family’s nutrition.

“When my children were young, I devised this method of sneaking extra nutrition into their meals by simply adding pureed vegetables to my noodle dough. The children loved the sweetness of my homemade pasta as well as the smooth, hearty, whole grain texture,” Aileen says.

Her creation was widely acclaimed as she marketed and distributed MagNoodles through the family’s grocery store in western Pennyslvania. Magnoodles’ popularity convinced Aileen to share her recipes with a premier pasta producer in the USA with family roots in Italy.

“There is no other product like this on grocery shelves, and my standards were high in creating MagNoodles,” said Magnotto. Spelt and Kamut add a nutritional value not found in other pastas, and the unique blend of grains in MagNoodles produces an extremely smooth palatable pasta.”

Magnotto remains committed to producing a clean, high quality product. As a recent breast cancer survivor, she believes proper nutrition is preventative medicine for many diseases, and whole grains should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Not only do her children love MagNoodles, but her Italian family members have switched from white pasta to MagNoodles. The pasta is great served with red sauce, or made as a pasta salad.

MagNoodles are just too good not to share!!

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